Sunday, August 28, 2011

HAIRSPIRATION: Red Hair Dreaming.


So, I have been wanting red hair for a while. Well..AGAIN. I had red hair for a short amount of time. Probably about 4 months I had red hair. I LOVED it. It was a burgundy hair color. Here's a picture:

Like I said, I loved it and ever since I went back to my jet black hair..I have been wanting it back ever so badly. Even though I love having really dark hair. It kinda gets boring after a  while to me.

I wanted red hair, even before Rihanna decided to dye her hair bright red a while ago.

 But, when I kept seeing her with hers it made me want it even more. I would never go as bright as her, because I am so not her and I could never pull it off and also, we are different skin tones, and most of all...I'm just not that brave. It looks really good on her though. Well, it looked good, because I'm pretty sure she is staying with the brown for now.

I keep seeing girls with red hair and it makes me want it even more BADLY. I see girls in my day to day life, as well as girls all over tumblr, youtube, all over the internet. I get so jealous.

The next time I dye my hair, I think I want to dye it a brighter red like Ariana Grande's hair who's hair I am IN DIRE LOVE WITH. It''s brighter than how I had my hair before, but not super bright like Rihanna. I love the color of her hair, it reminds me of a red velvet cupcake which sounds oh so good right now!

{image credit:weheartit}
She's so adorable and incredibly talented. Although she only dyed her hair red for her show on Teen Nick I think it is, she rocks it well. If you didn't know, I la la love red velvet cupcakes. They are the best kind of cupcakes EVER! Well, that I've ever had..

Another hair trend I like is the ombre hair. I totally wouldn't mind dying my hair to look  this girls' hair below. The hair is so cute. I love it. I wouldn't dye it blonde for me, because we are totally different skin tones. I would probably go to a light brown.

{image credit:weheartit}

What hairstyles are you loving? Is there any color you would love to dye your hair?


  1. I am in love with ombre hair too! Maybe to a light brown rather than a blonde cos I would probably look crazy!

  2. Yeahh, I agree. I don't think I would do it to blonde either. A light brown would be cute.