Sunday, January 6, 2013

Dani's 2012 Memories.

pink ombre cupcakes i made // graduated core at paul mitchell // chopped off 8 inches of a guests hair // had 80's day at school // dislocated my shoulder // became a future professional at pmtsn! // got my first tattoo which says "take the moment" // had fun multi colored tips // did my beautiful mom's makeup // had fun going out with friends // jenny's grad party! // had fun times as always with Janelle this year.

This new year has just begun and that means 2012 is in the past! I have started so many different journeys in 2012. Met a lot of great people and just had a wonderful year! I know that 2013 will be even better! I didn't post all of the pictures from 2012 on here, but these are some of my faves! If you follow me on instagram (links are on the side) you will be able to see all of my pictures when I post them :) Hope you all are having an amazing year so far & Janelle and I will talk to you all soon!

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